Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Open Mike 5: Racist India (links)

Many links. Many perspectives. Not endorsing one over the other. Read away. We can discuss one or the other or all.

[1] Discrimination by caste is outlawed in India, but it is a part of daily life

[2] Symonds racially abused by monkey chants in Vadodara?
[3] and in Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai? (good picture, this one)
[4] apparently he just mistook antics for racism
[5] India blast latest Harbhajan racism claims

[6] and India does get offended by racism towards herself -- Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother

[7] Caste and Racial Discrimination in India - Can the UN Help?

[8] The Stain that just wont wash, an article by Shivam Vij

[9] Does bollywood prefer fair women?

[10] Fair=Lovely?

[11] Remote Racism to counter Bangalore-d jobs?

[12] India does not believe caste discrimination is racism

[13] An Untouchable subject -- NPR on caste systems

[14] Dalit Freedom Network -- many interesting posts here

[15] Casteism as Raceism and Is Caste Racism or what?

[16] Racism in North India?

[17] On Racism and Censorhip, an article by Shashi Tharoor in TOI

[18] Racism in India: The arrogance of Power

[19] Post-Colonial Racism in India

[20] UPA govt. no less racist -- providing the other perspective

Phew! There is no shortage of links! But I did have a great time researching this set.

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