Monday, August 18, 2008

One Genius or Many Hard-working intelligent people?


An interesting video, and a possible topic for discussion.

He kind of puts forth an interesting question: Does the world in 2020 need geniuses who can solve a problem in a moment of brilliance or many hard-working stubborn intelligent people who are willing to collaborate to get to the solution of a difficult problem?
A few things that crossed my mind as i saw this:
* Is the kind of problems the world is facing (and expected to face) indeed something that can be better tackled by many hands as opposed to one brilliant mind? or is it a manifestation of the kind of problem-solvers that our educational / professional system creates?
* Considering that necessity is the mother of invention, is the collaborative infrastructure and the surplus of readily available information that we have at our disposal (which probably wasnt there a few years ago) killing the creativity in us? There is a school of thought: "'Best Known Practices are actually Innovation Killers'.
* While this is not mentioned in the talk, is innovation / creativity today perceived in a similar manner as it was a few years ago?
Something that i would love to hear the thoughts of everyone on.
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