Thursday, February 21, 2008

Open Mike 3: Health Care (more links)

Its kind of interesting that a major player in the health insurance
industry is closely covering the presidential debates on health care
and providing 'insight'/'analysis' -

One some extent informative

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Open Mike 3: Health Care (links)

This Wikipedia article gives some background information about the health care systems in various countries, how much countries spend on health care, etc.

We can broadly discuss

- Universal health care vs. private health care
Arguing for universal health care in India -

- Role of the insurance companies in providing health-care

An article in yesterday's NYTimes -

- High cost of medicines vs. funding for future research

- Is it okay to market drugs directly to consumers/patients?

- Franchise model to provide health care

Link to such an enterprise in Kenya -

- and since it is open mike.....anything else that comes up

Some more links to a lot more useful links -

Couple of articles on state of healthcare in India

Open Mike 3: Health Care (topic)

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Topic: Health Care
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